Trailer Service / Repairs

Adelaide shores is proud to present the comprehensive range of Dunbier trailers if you have any questions please give us a call us on (08) 8295 8000 and we can give you some spot on advice about what trailer is best for you.

Dunbier Marine Products.

Australian Made & Australian Owned

Dunbier Marine Products has been manufacturing boat trailers for over 42 years, building its reputation on quality, strength and reliability. With the Head Office situated in Braeside (Melbourne), Dunbier services the Australian market through an experienced and dedicated dealer network. Dunbier are proudly Australian family owned, operated and our trailers still made in Australia, a rarity in today’s business.

The Dunbier manufacturing plant is situated on a 2.43 hectare (6 acre) site and is purpose-designed for the manufacture and assembly of boat trailers in Australia and overseas. Dunbier also has distribution warehouse centers in Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales servicing individually these states with experienced Dunbier teams for back up and customer service on the Dunbier product range.

Each branch of Dunbier have a vast range of trailer stock ready for delivery at most times of the year also offering container unloads of imported boats and fit up of boat packages for Australian dealers.

For more information and to browse the range of boat trailers http://www.dunbier.com
Dunbier also specialize in exporting to the South Pacific region and New Zealand and can provide a quality knock down version of all our boat trailers to get value for money when shipping overseas. With over 60 models to choose from Dunbier have a range to suit most aluminum, fiberglass and watercraft vessels on the market today.

For more information and to browse the range of boat trailers.


More fun for your money, for your family & with your mates

Under every great family boat should be a great Brooker Trailer. Ever since Brookers starting building boats more than 45 years ago, they have been building trailers, so Brooker Marine knows what your boat needs.

Brooker trailers are manufactured with same philosophy of strength, quality and affordability as our boats. A reliable and uncomplicated trailer cannot be underestimated. The peace of mind of towing safely with the family on board, over long distances and without breakdowns, makes the journey easy. Keeping the outing or holiday stress free continues when you have a Brooker trailer as launching and retrieving is hassle free.

Model Fits Boats up to length Type Winch ratio Tare GVM
Non Braked Trailers
12S 3.6m or 12’ Slide 3:1 120 375
134S 4.0m or 13’ Slide 3:1 160 560
134WB 4.0m or 13’ Wet Bike 3:1 160 540
134MR 4.0m or 13’ Multi Roller 3:1 160 560
146S 4.5m or 15’ Slide 5:1 200 650
146MR 4.5m or 15’ Multi Roller 5:1 200 725
1516MR 5.0m or 16 1/2’ Multi Roller 5:1/1:1 240 745
All non braked trailers come standard with galvanised or powdercoated wheels.Alloy wheels available as an option.
Braked Trailers
146MRB 4.5m or 15’ Multi Roller 5:1 240 1100
1516MRB 5.0m or 16 1/2’ Multi Roller 5:1/1:1 260 1300
1617MRB 5.4m or 18’ Multi Roller 5:1/1:1 320 1400
All braked & tandem trailers come standard with alloy wheels.
Tandem Braked Trailers
1516MRBT 5.0m or 16’ 6” Multi Roller 5:1:1 320 1700
1617MRBT 5.4m or 18’ Multi Roller 5:1:1 400 1995
18MRBT 6.0m or 19’ 6” Multi Roller 10:1,5:1,3:1 480 1995
20MRBT 6.8m or 22’6” Multi Roller 10:1,5:1,3:1 500 1995
GVM refers to weight of boat, trailer, gear, motor fuel ie all that is attached to the back of your trailer hitch.All trailers come with:

Trailer Servicing

  1. LIGHTS Check plug, wiring, globes, travel lights if fitted. Attach to tester for operation.
  2. BEARINGS Jack up trailer & spin wheels, listen for rumble & looseness, if applicable either repack or replace bearings, when hub removed check bearing & seal surfaces on axle for wear. Ensure bearing buddies or caps are not loose.
  3. BRAKES Check pads, cable & adjustment, look for corroded, seized calliper bolts & sleeves
  4. SUSPENSION check springs for rust & corrosion & spreading of spring clamp.
  5. ROLLERS check for any cracked rollers, vblocks, skids, bent pins, trailer in adjustment, or broken bolts or brackets.
  6. TRAILER WINCH Check strap or steel cable, snap hook, shackle & chain. Check operation of ratchet & pawl. Lubricate
  7. JOCKEY WHEEL Check wheel not cracked, swingaway lubricated & not too loose, if removable ensure screw threads greased & not damaged. Check operation of handle & not broken, lubricate
  8. CHASIS & MUD GUARDS Check for splits, cracked welds, bent mudguards or bent framework
  9. TYRES Check tread, cracked or split sidewall & inflation. Tyre Shine